Differences & Similarities Between Foam Density, Weight & Firmness

When it comes to foam, the buying process is simple. However, there can be potential confusion when it comes to a foam’s density, weight, and firmness. From a basic perspective, these three terms are understood. However, when applied to the foam industry, the meanings of these terms can be altered to better fit the needs […]


Latex Rubber Foam

Description: Latex Rubber Foam is the first type of foam on the market that is non-allergenic and long-lasting. It is used in top-of-the-line products including mattresses, cushions, and pillows. Specifications: Quality: Excellent. Weight: 5.6 lb. per cubic ft. Density Ranges: 3 lbs/ft³ – 15 lb/ft³ Cell Structure: Open. Longevity: Approximately 15 years. Color: White/Yellow. Flammability […]