Restaurant and Bar Seats

restaurant chairs around a table

Restaurant and bar seats see a lot of wear and tear from high volume use. However, a quality and comfortable seating experience is expected from the customers that provide their patronage. If the seats are uncomfortable, then it worsens the customer experience and leads to lost revenue. That is why durable, long-lasting, and comfortable foam is required for restaurants and bars.

If your restaurant chairs, booths, benches, bar seats, or stools are worn down and uncomfortable then it is time to repair them. FoamOnline is here to help, with replacement foam inserts for your seats.For heavily used cushions, we recommend High Resilience foam in a firmness of firm. High Resilience foam is comfortable, high quality, and a long-lasting foam solution for your restaurant and bar seats.

Click on a Shape:

To order new foam for your restaurant and bar seats, simply click on your desired shape. You will then need to enter your desired foam type, dimensions, and firmness, and we will cut the foam to your exact specifications at an affordable price.