Custom Cut Cushions

hand on foam with ruler and sharpie

Here you can order foam for seats and cushions, custom cut to your specifications. This is an opportunity to replace the old foam in your seats or cushions with new foam and give your furniture a new life and a new feel. Foam deteriorates over time and cushions will flatten and sag. This will reduce lumbar support and comfort. The cushion cover will become loose and wrinkled and will not look appealing. The solution is to replace the old foam in your cushions and seats with new high-quality foam.

FoamOnline carries a wide variety of shapes, foam types, and firmnesses. Foam is used in most furniture. However, there is no universal size to accommodate the many different cushion shapes foam is inserted into. That is why we offer custom cut foam to insert into your seats and cushions in a wide variety of options.

Click on a Shape:

To order new foam for your seats and cushions, simply click on your desired shape. You will then need to enter your desired foam type, dimensions, and firmness, and we will cut the foam to your exact specifications at an affordable price.