Bay Window Cushions

baw window cushions

Those lucky enough to have a bay window in their home know of the benefits. It provides more light from the added windows, better ventilation, and a great lounge space to read a book and relax. However, there will not be any relaxation taking place if the bay window cushions are uncomfortable. This is an opportunity to replace the old and uncomfortable foam in your bay window cushions with new custom cut bay window foam so you will be able to lounge comfortably.

FoamOnline has a wide selection of high-quality foam to choose from in a variety of firmnesses. Transform your bay window area into the lounge space it was meant to be.

Click on a Shape:

To order new foam for your bay window cushions, simply click on your desired shape. You will then need to enter your desired foam type, dimensions, and firmness, and we will cut the foam to your exact specifications at an affordable price.