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Packaging Foam

Packaging FoamPackaging Foam will absorb shocks created by impacts that could otherwise damage shipment items, making foam a reliable way to protect items during packaging and transportation.

Acoustic Foam

Acoustic FoamAcoustic Foam is designed to absorb sound from escaping into the environment by reducing echos and reverberation time in a room. It is used in recording studios, listening rooms, and home theaters.

Memory Foam

Memory FoamMemory Foam, also known as Viscoelastic Foam, is an excellent quality foam available in soft firmness only. It is widely used for mattresses and therapeutics because of its excellent pressure relief.

Latex Foam

Latex FoamLatex Foam is made from rubber for a natural bouncy feel. Perforations give it superior ventilation. Currently available in medium-firm firmness only. It is used in top of the line mattresses and cushions.

High Resilience Foam

High Resilience FoamHigh Resilience Foam is a very good quality foam that is used in most types of expensive furniture, including yachting and boating. It also makes for an excellent mattress, as it is very buoyant and resilient.

High Density Foam

High Density FoamHigh-Density Foam is sold primarily for mattresses and furniture and offers a good balance between softness and support. It is the most commonly used foam in the furniture manufacturing industry.

Lux Foam

Lux FoamLux Foam, also known as Evlon foam, is very buoyant and long-lasting. Available in medium-firm firmness only. Lux Foam is a good quality foam and used for upper-scale furniture seating and mattresses.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane FoamPolyurethane Foam, open-cell, and available in medium-firm firmness only. It is the least expensive foam we offer. As a very lightweight foam, it is best used in packaging and shipping.

Dry Fast Foam

Dry Fast FoamDry Fast Foam is ideal for outdoor uses as it is non-water absorbent and won't mold, rot, or mildew. With an open-cell structure, it is very resilient and buoyant. It can also be used for air and water filters.

Rebond Foam

Polyurethane FoamRebond Foam is very resilient and stands up to high impact usage. This includes carpet padding, restaurant and bar booths, motorcycle seats, and other applications. Available in extra firm firmness only.

Charcoal Foam

Charcoal FoamCharcoal Foam has several applications including packing & shipping, acoustical dampening, soundproofing, and foam insert for cases such as cameras and guns. Available in extra firm firmness only.

Closed Cell Foam

Closed Cell FoamClosed Cell Foam is sturdy and stiff, available in extra firm firmness only. It is non-biodegradable, non-water absorbent, floats, and a thermal insulator. It is used in exercise mats, hot tub covers, and more.

Egg Crate Foam

Egg Crate FoamEgg crate foam allows for increased airflow and body support, making it a perfect topper for mattresses. It is also used for acoustical dampening, soundproofing, and packing foam for fragile equipment.

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