Memory Foam Description:

Memory foam, also known as Viscoelastic foam, is an excellent-quality foam designed specifically for pressure relief purposes. Its unique properties allow it to confirm to the shape of your body and then return to its original shape once the pressure is removed. This characteristic makes memory foam versatile and suitable for various applications.

Some common uses of memory foam include mattresses and mattress toppers, pillows, seat cushions and medical cushions, travel and neck pillows, furniture cushions, and orthopedic products. Memory foam’s ability to conform to the body’s shape and its pressure-relieving properties make it a valuable material in a wide range of products designed to enhance comfort and support in daily life. Its typical lifespan is around 10 years.

Memory Foam Technical Data

Property Values Test Method
Density (LB/Cubic Ft.) 3.12 - 3.41 ASTM D 3574
25% ILD (LB) 13.9 ± 3 ASTM D 3574
Sag Factor (%) Min. 2.9 ASTM D 3574
Flammability Rating CA TB 117-2013 BT CAL-117
CertiPUR-US® Certification Pass CertiPUR-US® Standard