Lux Foam Description:

Lux Foam, also known as Evlon foam, is a good quality foam. Lux foam has a good level of resilience and bounce-back. This means it will return to its original shape after being compressed or deformed, giving it a buoyant feel. This, along with its durability, makes Lux foam ideal for upper-scale furniture seating and mattresses. Lux foam is a step above industrial-grade High Density foam and a step below High Resilience foam. Its typical lifespan is around 6 to 8 years.

Lux Foam Technical Data

Property Values Test Method
Density (LB/Cubic Ft.) 1.95 - 2.20 ASTM D 3574
25% ILD (LB) 19.0 ± 3 - 45.5 ± 3 ASTM D 3574
Sag Factor (%) Min. 2.0 ASTM D 3574
Flammability Rating CA TB 117-2013 BT CAL-117
CertiPUR-US® Certification Pass CertiPUR-US® Standard