Latex Rubber Foam is the first type of foam on the market that is non-allergenic and long-lasting. It is used in top-of-the-line products including mattresses, cushions, and pillows.


Quality: Excellent.
Weight: 5.6 lb. per cubic ft.
Density Ranges: 3 lbs/ft³ – 15 lb/ft³
Cell Structure: Open.
Longevity: Approximately 15 years.
Color: White/Yellow.
Flammability Classifications: HMIS Rating = 1, Flash Point Greater Than 400° F
Extinguishing Media: Water stream, spray, or fog. Dry chemicals or foam.
Fire Hazard: If ignited, this product will burn and consume oxygen. This product may produce irritating and toxic by-products during combustion. Self-contained breathing apparatus must be donned when fighting a latex foam fire. The primary health concern of latex foam is the inhalation of fumes that may be generated during combustion.
Note: Latex foam products natural and/or synthetic foam may contain rubbers, synthetic rubbers, and rubber curatives.