High Resilience FoamFoamonline.com

High Resilience Foam is used in most types of expensive furniture, including yachting and boating. High Resilience Foam makes for an excellent mattress, as it is very buoyant and resilient.


Weight: 3.0 lb. per cubic ft.
Quality: excellent
Longevity: approx. 12 years
Density lbs/cu. ft.: Minimum 2.50
ILD/50 sq. in. @25%(4 in.) 35% max.
Support Factor: 2.5
Hysterisis Loss @25% 35% max.
Tear Strength, lbs/linear in. 1.50 PLI min.
Tensile Strength, lbs/sq. in. 12.0 PSI min.
Elongation, % 150% min.
Resilience, % 50% min.
Compression set,
90%, 22 hrs., 158° F
Less than 10%
Color 110 – Yellow

Passes flammability specifications for Cal. T.B. 117, FMVSS 302, and NFPA 260,1989 specifications.