How to Order:

From the Homepage, select a basic shape for the foam product you wish to order. Then input the required dimensions in inches, and select a foam type, quality, and quantity you would like for each specific shape. Alternatively, you can go to our Foam page and order foam based on the foam type you have in mind. If you would like to order an additional different product, simply start from the home page again, and repeat the process.

Canceling Orders:

You have the right to cancel any order within 24 hours of initial order placement. Call us at (805) 964-2001 or email us at info@foamonline.com.


As stated in the National Health & Safety Code, foam products and pillows are non-returnable items. This is for the simple fact that you would not want to receive someone’s returned foam without your knowledge.


Foam manufacturers do not accept warranties on the foam products that they produce. Consumers would not want to be subject to receiving a returned mattress under warranty from some other customer. Foamonline.com sells new, unused foam only.

We are not responsible for products lost or damaged in shipping or claims of defect.

We cannot guarantee that polyurethane foam will maintain its original shape during shipping.

Foam Types

We carry a large variety of foam. If you know what foam type you would like to order visit our Foam page. If you want more information about foam, visit our Foam Types page.


A foam’s firmness (I.L.D.) is simply a measure of how soft or firm it is. Most furniture is between Medium Soft and Firm. The choice made is a matter of personal preference. You can use this I.L.D. chart as a reference.

How Foam is Cut:

Foam is cut to one-quarter inch increments only. Cut foam sizes have limitations. Orders beyond limitations will be glued or cut in increments.