Closed Cell


Closed Cell Foam is non-water absorbent, non-biodegradable, floats, has great tensile strength, and is impervious to petroleum. Closed Cell Foam is used in exercise mats, high-impact aerobic equipment, and mechanic’s box lining. It is a good thermal insulator (hot tub covers).


Quality: Excellent.
Weight: 2.0 lb. per cubic ft.
Density Range, PCF:
(ASTM D1667)
1.5 – 2.5
Cell Structure: Closed.
Longevity: Approximately 15 years.
Color: Black.
Compressive Strength, psi:
(ASTM D1056)
@25% Deflection
@50% Deflection
5 – 8
14 – 18
Compression Set:
% of Original Thickness
(ASTM D395)
20% Max
Tensile Strength, psi:
(ASTM D1564)
30 – 50
Elongation, % to Break:
(ASTM D1564)
130 – 180
Tear Resistance, lb/in:
(ADTM D624)
7 – 13
Water Absorption, lb/ft²
of Cut Surface, Max:
(Mil P-40619)
Buoyancy, lb per cubic ft.:
(Mil P-40619) (USCG)
Temperature Range F: -110 to +225
Flammability Rating: Non-treated. If ignited, this product will burn and consume oxygen.