Guide to Buying the Best Foam Mattress

Putting a mattress down on bedframe

In this article, we are going to guide you on buying the best foam mattress for your needs. Many people are unsure what foam mattress to purchase, as foam mattresses and foam mattress toppers are available in a wide range of foam qualities and firmnesses. As such, choosing the right foam mattress may seem like a daunting task. Hopefully, this article will help with your next foam mattress purchase.

Foam Density

The first thing to do is to judge the foam quality by its density (weight per cubic ft.). Normally, the heavier the foam is, the better the quality.

  • Lightweight foam such as Commerical Grade Polyurethane foam at 1.2 lb. per cubic foot is a cheap quality foam.
  • Medium weight foam such as Industrial Grade High Density foam at 1.8 lb. per cubic foot is medium quality foam.
  • Semi-heavy weight foam such as Lux foam at 2.2 lb. per cubic foot is good quality foam.
  • Heavy foam such as High Resilience foam at 3.0 lb. per cubic foot is great quality foam.
  • Heavy foam such as Memory foam at 3.2 lb. per cubic foot is excellent quality foam.
  • Very heavy foam such as Latex foam at 5.6 lb. per cubic foot is excellent quality foam.

The first four foam types described are Urethane-type foam. This means that the foam weight determines foam quality, comfort, and longevity. Urethane foam is good for a reasonably priced foam mattress or foam mattress pad. The heaviest foam type, Latex Foam, is high-end foam with a foam rubber base.

Foam Types

Let’s go into more detail regarding the foam types described above to better guide you in buying the best foam mattress.

Commercial Grade Polyurethane Foam Mattress

A Commercial Grade Polyurethane foam mattress at 1.2 lb. density is what you would provide to guests so they do not stay too long… It is the least expensive and lowest quality foam mattress. It will begin to break down in a short period of time, around 1-2 years. This foam mattress will flatten out over time, leaving sink areas. It will not return to its original shape. The foam mattress will also lose its firmness and become softer within a short amount of time. A Polyurethane foam mattress can be used as a temporary mattress if you do not need it to last long or as a mattress topper. We sell this foam in a medium-firm firmness.

Industrial Grade High Density Foam Mattress

An Industrial Grade High Density foam mattress at a 1.8 lb. density is a medium-quality foam mattress. High Density foam will return to shape after compression at a medium pace. It will soften as it ages, creating a Hammock effect. This means the edges remain firm and the area used becomes softer over a few years time. There is a misconception that the name “High Density” means the foam is firm. In fact, High Density foam is available in all firmnesses, from very soft to extra firm.

Lux Foam Mattress

Lux foam at 2.2 lb. density is a good quality foam mattress. It will provide comfort for quite some time before it begins to soften. This foam mattress is good for the long haul and will provide comfort for several years. A Lux foam mattress provides good support and comfort. We sell Lux foam in a medium-firm firmness. As such, if you want to start out with a firmer foam mattress and have it soften to a comfort level you like after a couple of years, this is the foam mattress for you.

High Resilience Foam Mattress

High Resilience foam at a 3.0 lb. density is a very good foam mattress. Whereas lower quality foam types are slower to return to shape and feel less pliable, High Resilience foam is fast to return to shape when pressure is applied and released, making it good for any application. This foam type lasts a very long time before it begins to get softer over the years. However, if you rotate the foam mattress you can get a longer lifespan as well. A High Resilience foam mattress can take a beating and still return to its original form. That’s why it has the name High Resilience. A High Resilience foam mattress is excellent in a four to five-inch thickness. It is available in most firmnesses.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is normally between a 3-6 lb. density and makes for an excellent mattress topper. Only Memory foam mattresses have elastic added to them to create a squishy feel that lessens the transfer of motion. If the foam mattress is more than four inches thick, body motion transfer decreases as the thickness increases. Memory foam is meant to provide comfort through its conforming characteristics. As such, you don’t want it too thick, or it will hold you like a glove and make you feel uncomfortable and unable to roll over.

The best way to get that Memory foam quality and comfort in a mattress without any downsides is to use it as a foam mattress topper at three to four inches thick. This will allow the Memory foam mattress topper to conform to the shape of your body. A unique feature of Memory foam mattresses, it reacts to heat sensitivity, becoming softer in hot areas and firmer in cold areas. This is due to its smaller cell structure. We sell Memory foam mattresses in a soft firmness.

Latex Foam Mattress

Latex foam at 5.6 lb. density makes for an excellent quality foam mattress. It is the only foam mattress that is made from the extract of rubber. Rubber gives the foam mattress a natural bouncy feel. Latex Foam also has superior ventilation because it has perforations placed into the foam during its manufacturing process. This airflow makes the mattress more comfortable. Because of its rubber construction and density, Latex foam mattresses will last a long time. It will also provide superior comfort to other foam mattresses. We sell Latex foam mattresses in a medium-firm firmness.

The Best Foam Mattress and Foam Mattress Topper

Foam mattress users have said a soft Memory foam mattress topper with a medium-firm High Resilience foam mattress is the perfect foam mattress in quality, comfort, and longevity. The Memory foam topper and the High Resilience foam mattress are a perfect foam match. They both have excellent foam qualities and an excellent price to performance ratio.

We hope you found our guide to buying the best foam mattress helpful. Hopefully, you now have the tools necessary to make an informed purchase when buying your next foam mattress.

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  1. Julia
    Julia says:

    It is so difficult to find any firm facts about foam online so this is really a great resource! You really lay out the difference between the memory foam and latex foam mattresses. I was thinking of going with a memory foam topper, but after your article the latex foam topper would make more sense since I live in Florida where it is dreadfully humid.
    Thanks so much for this post!

  2. Antonio Yesca
    Antonio Yesca says:

    When sleeping as a couple, they tend to through inertia end up sleeping in the middle of the mattress. A gesture that usually occurs unconsciously but is one of the reasons why mattresses sink in the middle with the passage of time. Always remember that the edges are usually the strongest part of a mattress.

  3. Clic Aquí
    Clic Aquí says:

    Traditional mattresses need the support of a box of springs underneath them. Another mattress is not firm enough to prevent the top mattress from sagging over time and is not stable enough to use on a bed frame.

  4. RaduBalan
    RaduBalan says:

    Indeed foam mattresses may be the most comfortable but choosing the right one may be a little tricky because if the mattress you pick it’s not firm enough, you might sink too much in it.

    CLIC AQUI says:

    The mattress should be wide enough to sleep comfortably. If it is for one person, make sure it is at least one meter wide, and if it is for two people, at least 1.60 m. The length must exceed the height of the person by 20 centimeters.


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