How To Choose The Right Foam Mattress

Putting a mattress down on bedframe

In this article, we’re going to show you how to choose the right mattress for your needs. Many people are unsure what foam mattress to purchase, as foam mattresses and foam mattress toppers are available in a wide range of foam qualities and firmnesses. Additionally, some foam types have more than one name. For example, Lux foam is also known as Evlon foam and Memory foam is also know as Viscoelastic Foam. As such, choosing the right foam for your foam mattress may seem confusing. Hopefully, this article will help with your next foam mattress purchase.

The first thing to do is to judge the foam quality by its weight. The heavier the foam is, the better the quality.

Balance scale

  • Lightweight foam such as Polyurethane Foam at 1.2 pounds per cubic foot is a cheap quality foam.
  • Medium weight foam such as High-Density Foam at 1.8 pounds per cubic foot is medium quality foam.
  • Semi-heavy weight foam such as Lux Foam at 2.2 pounds per cubic foot is good quality foam.
  • Heavyweight foam such as High Resilience Foam at 3.0 pounds per cubic foot is great quality foam.
  • Very heavyweight foam such as Latex Foam at 5.6 pounds per cubic foot is excellent quality foam.

The first four foam types described are Urethane-type foam. This means that the foam weight determines foam quality, comfort, and longevity. Urethane foam is good for a reasonably priced foam mattress or foam mattress pad. The heaviest foam type, Latex Foam, is high-end foam with a foam rubber base.

Memory Foam Mattress

In the world of foam mattresses, Memory foam reigns supreme. This foam type has mass media attention like no other foam. Memory foam comes in 3 to 6 pounds per cubic foot. The importance of knowing the foam weight is now apparent. A Memory foam mattress reacts to heat sensitivity, becoming softer foam in hot areas and a firm foam in cold areas. If the foam mattress is more than four inches thick, body motion transfer decreases as the Memory foam mattress’s thickness increases, making it difficult to roll over.

Hand stamp on memory foam

The way to get the Memory foam quality and comfort in a mattress is to use the Memory foam as a foam topper at three to four inches thick. The foam mattress topper is excellent at three to four-inch thickness. This will allow the Memory foam mattress topper to conform to the shape of your body.


High Resilience Foam Mattress

A High Resilience foam mattress is excellent in a four to five-inch thickness. It is a high-quality foam mattress that will give you a great comfort level at a reasonable price.


Latex Foam Mattress vs Memory

A Latex foam mattress is the highest quality foam mattress. It is also the only foam mattress that is made from the extract of rubber. Rubber gives the foam mattress a natural bouncy feel. Latex Foam also has superior ventilation because it has perforations placed into the foam mattress during the foam manufacturing process. This airflow makes the mattress more comfortable.

The Latex foam mattress is bouncy, compared to a Memory foam mattress topper, which is a conforming foam topper. Additionally, the Latex mattress has bounce and ventilation whereas the Memory foam topper is heat reactive foam with no bounce.

Latex foam

Soft vs. Firm Foam Mattress

Foam firmness is very important to understand when you choose the right mattress. There are many different values to foam firmness’. You can see them on our Indent Load Deflection (ILD) Chart.

Indent Load Deflection (ILD) Chart

Firmness is a simplified way of saying Indent Load Deflection. To get an ILD rating, foam mattresses have pressure applied to them. More force is applied to firmer foam types and less to softer foam types. The higher the ILD number, the more force is applied, and thus the firmer the foam firmness.

For example:

  • A foam mattress with a low number of eighteen is a soft foam mattress.
  • A foam mattress with a medium number thirty-six is a medium-firm foam mattress.
  • A foam mattress with a number seventy is an extra firm mattress


The Best Foam Mattress and Foam Mattress Topper

Foam mattress and foam mattress topper

Foam mattress users have said a soft Memory foam topper with a medium-firm High Resilience foam mattress is the perfect foam mattress in quality, comfort and, longevity. The Memory foam topper and the High Resilience foam mattress are a perfect foam match for their excellent foam qualities at a lower price while still being in the high end of foam mattresses. In our opinion here at FoamOnline, the best foam mattress topper is Memory foam and the best foam mattress is High Resilience foam.

However, foam mattress quality and foam firmness are ultimately a personal preference when you choose the right mattress for your needs. So when the need to buy a foam mattress arises, we are here to help.

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  1. Julia
    Julia says:

    It is so difficult to find any firm facts about foam online so this is really a great resource! You really lay out the difference between the memory foam and latex foam mattresses. I was thinking of going with a memory foam topper, but after your article the latex foam topper would make more sense since I live in Florida where it is dreadfully humid.
    Thanks so much for this post!

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  4. RaduBalan
    RaduBalan says:

    Indeed foam mattresses may be the most comfortable but choosing the right one may be a little tricky because if the mattress you pick it’s not firm enough, you might sink too much in it.


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