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What is the Best Foam for a Mattress?

Foam is a popular option for mattresses for many reasons such as the abundant types of foam available on the market, their varying price points, and their different levels of firmness. All of this allows the user to achieve a very customized and personal sleeping experience tailored to their needs. Foam provides a comfortable and […]

Your Go-to Guide for Pet Beds and Pet Foam

  While it can be nice to have your dog or cat sleep with you on the bed, it’s not always practical. A great alternative is a pet bed. In this blog we will go over the different foams you can purchase for your pet, similar to the foam you would get for your own […]

Foam Industry Terminology

Foam Industry Terminology As with many industries, the foam industry has its own jargon. This can make it difficult for a consumer to make an educated purchase if they do not know a key term. This page is intended to alleviate any constraints and provide users with easy access to definitions of the various foam […]

Expert Advice on Making Your Couch Comfortable

A cornerstone of the household, a couch should bring you and your loved ones years of comfort for game night and that next show you are binge-watching. However, over time, your couch cushions will begin to degrade and your couch will lose the comfort and luster that it once had. When this happens, you may […]

Differences & Similarities Between Foam Density, Weight & Firmness

When it comes to foam, the buying process is simple. However, there can be potential confusion when it comes to a foam’s density, weight, and firmness. From a basic perspective, these three terms are understood. However, when applied to the foam industry, the meanings of these terms can be altered to better fit the needs […]

What is the Best Foam to Use for Sofa Cushions?

Sitting is something we often do, but don’t think much of. Unless the seat you are sitting on is uncomfortable. Sofa cushions sag and lose their ability to return to form as they age. This makes for an uncomfortable experience when sitting. No one wants that. Luckily, deteriorated foam cushions are replaceable. With over 60 […]

Guide to Buying the Best Foam Mattress

In this article, we are going to guide you on buying the best foam mattress for your needs. Many people are unsure what foam mattress to purchase, as foam mattresses and foam mattress toppers are available in a wide range of foam qualities and firmnesses. As such, choosing the right foam mattress may seem like […]