About Us

FoamOnline.com is owned and operated by Upholstery Decor, Inc. We provide a variety of furniture refurbishing, reupholstering, antique reconstruction, and custom decorating services throughout the United States. Upholstery Decor, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company in the business of direct foam distribution. We help customers purchase custom cut foam, including foam mattresses and foam cushions. We are foam technology experts with over 60 years and two generations in the foam industry. Established in 1961 by Mel and Esther Pulver.

David Pulver is the founder of Foamonline.com and President at Upholstery Décor Inc. He has offered custom cut foam to the local community of Santa Barbara for 60 years. When the Dot-com boom arrived, he saw this as an opportunity to help provide people quality foam products online. At the time, there were few online options for consumers to order foam from the internet. People would drive to local retail outlets to purchase foam products from salespeople who lacked knowledge on foam. This left the customer unaware of important information such as the longevity and quality of the foam they had purchased.

By being raised in the foam industry, David is an expert in foam technology. Some know him as the Foam Wizard. The internet has given him the opportunity to educate consumers on what makes one foam better than another. With an easy to use foam types page, consumers can find help and learn more about the different types of foam there are, giving the consumer the opportunity to purchase the right foam that best fits their application in any desired firmness. Unlike a foam store that offers foam sheets for sale in one foam type and one firmness, at Foamonline.com, the customer can easily select any foam type in any firmness. Above all, find the right foam for your job at the lowest cost and have the foam custom cut to size. If you have any questions or want to learn more about us, feel free to contact us.

Man standing in storefront

David Pulver, Founder.